About the Underwater Journal

Underwaterjournal.com - Scuba diver swimming next to a Goliath Grouper off the coast of Palm Beach Florida.The Underwater Journal is published by Walt Stearns/Ocean Arts, Inc., for the avid scuba diving enthusiast who’s interest includes travel, marine life and underwater photography.

Features vary from highly informative write ups on local to international destinations to specific resorts and live-aboards to hands on reviews exploring various types of dive & photo equipment. Articles written to showcase a specific group to an individual species of marine life are intended to provide you with utmost information regarding what is it to where you might find it, to even tips on how better capture it with your photo or video system.

The ocean is our playground – Join us and take the plunge. 

To learn more about Walt Stearns / Ocean Arts, Inc., inquire here – waltstearns.com

  • Walt Stearns

    Walt Stearns

    Ocean Arts CEO & UWJ Publisher

    In addition founding Ocean Arts, Inc., Walt Stearns is a professional imaging and content services provider. Over the span of his career, Walt has become known as one of the most prolific and frequently published photojournalists in boating, fishing and scuba diving media, with more than 800 articles and thousands of published images. Walt has been involved in numerous video projects for broadcast outlets such as the Discovery Channel, BBC Planet Earth series and Wild Horizons, Ltd.

  • Pierce Hoover

    Pierce Hoover

    Content Editor

    With 30 years experience as editor and publisher of national magazine titles such as Sport Fishing and Sport Diver Magazines, Pierce’s work has appeared in hundreds of national and international marine and travel publications. Pierce has also contributed and produced a variety of websites and social media campaigns.