Advertising Opportunities

Where we Differ from the Rest

Most Ad Agencies and Print Publications follow the traditional approach of “Selective Inclusion” in which the majority of resources are directed to a limited number of “marketing partners,” who become content gatekeepers to a finite audience.

In recognition of the evolving media environment and changing audience preferences, we employ an updated strategy based on the principle of Diverse Distribution, in which content is shared freely and proactively by Ocean Arts Media (Ocean Arts, Inc.) with a broad list of print and online publications both domestic and abroad which we hold active working relationships with.

This strategy can result in a dramatic increase in the business’ communications footprint while better focusing and possibly lowering marketing expenditures.

Our affiliate based, low-overhead business model allows us to offer high-level professional products and services in an extremely cost-effective manner. Through our open source approach to content sharing and placement your overall marketing expenditures can reach maximum efficiency for targeting your market.

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